Hi Knox family

Hi Knox family, my name is Colin McCordic and together with my wife, Rachel, have been part of the Knox community for the past three years. I am a missionary kid who grew up in Africa and have served in mission work as an adult. I love experiencing new cultures and learning about the richness in the diversity that God has created. The vast array of languages, foods, clothing, traditions and customs that can be found even in Toronto is a testimony to the creativity of God.  Currently, I am back in school at Tyndale to prepare for future full time missionary work in Africa. It is my great privilege to be helping fill in for just a little part of what Sam does for our church while she is on maternity leave. I am so excited to be joining the staff as Director of International Ministries. We have such a great group of passionate volunteers that are helping to make Knox a welcoming and loving home for those coming form all over the world. Please pray that the Lord give me wisdom as I balance ministry and school.

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