Ashlee Campbell, our new Small Group & Home Church Pastor

My job is to minister to the small groups that exist at Knox and to launch home churches. We’re starting small this year, with what the vision from the leadership has been. Phil has described home church as church in a microcosm. Everything you think of happening at church, happening in a more intimate setting: whether it’s worship, whether it’s pastoral care, whether it’s outreach, whether it’s friendship and community.

On a practical level, I’m going to be doing—I don’t think this will be an exaggeration—90% listening. Listening to what people who are in small groups have to say: what has their experience been, what has been their joys and triumphs and what has been their challenges and areas that they need support. Gathering as many of those voices as possible: people who used to be in a small group but aren’t anymore, people who currently are, people who have led. Hearing their stories and gathering a picture of what our recent history and current reality with small groups is. Listening to leadership as well and hearing what God has placed on their hearts. How do I say that message in a way that resonates with the diverse people in our church?

On a personal level, please pray for me as I transition from being a stay-at-home mom to a working mom. That transition for my kids, for my home life, and my mom-heart. And figuring out what it means to have a parent in ministry. Pray for us as we establish the routines, and rhythms, and boundaries for what it means for me to be on staff at church. We want protect our family life and be incredibly open as well—and that’s a balance that I would covet people’s prayers for. For the ministry, pray for patience and perseverance for the small steps that are required in the early days!

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