Alpha Q&A

What is Alpha?

A series of interactive sessions that explore the larger questions of life, faith and God in an open, friendly environment.

Who is Alpha for? Alpha welcomes people of all backgrounds, religions and viewpoints into a space where they can feel free to discuss these questions together in safe, non judgmental way. 

Why is Alpha important to Knox?  It  fits into Knox’s vision to be a more welcoming church. It also fulfills a need  for a way for newcomers, especially those who are occasional or non church goers to connect to our community who might not otherwise come to Knox.

Why now? Alpha has been refreshed with a new campaign  for today’s global audience. It is being run globally across multiple denominations. In a spirit of unity, churches are promoting the course at other churches for those that can’t come to Alpha on the nights they are running.

Does it work? 65% of churches running Alpha report church growth.  89% of those attending past Alphas say they came because of a personal invitation.

What does an Alpha Session look like? The key elements of Alpha are:  Food,  a short video or live talk outlining the basics of the Christian faith,  followed by an open discussion.

When/Cost: The Launch party will take place on Sept. 21  from 7-9pm. Although  Knox will be running the Alpha  Film Series from Sept. 21-Dec.5  we invite guests initially only to the launch. We trust that if they are interested in coming back for subsequent evenings, they will. There is no charge to attend Alpha. For purposes of providing adequate refreshments and resources, we simply ask  guests to register. For registration details go to the Got Questions?  section below.

Where – Knox Presbyterian Church. 630 Spadina Ave. Toronto M5S 2H4.

How can I be involved?

1. Pray

  • for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit and sensitivity in our words and actions as we work together to be a church of welcome and belonging.
  • that the Lord would put on our hearts the people we feel led to invite to Alpha and that they would be receptive to that invitation.
  • that those who attend Alpha will find a sense of belonging that leads to believing.
  • for God’s provision for an Alpha team to answer this calling.

2. visit the Alpha Canada website at  and become familiar with how to talk about Alpha to others.

3. Invite someone or several people to the launch or series.  Since  Alpha  is not designed to be a Bible study or training course for those who are believers,  we  welcome you to attend if you accompany someone you have invited.

Got questions?

For more information, to register or to find out how to be involved:

email : alpha4knox@gmail,com  or phone: 416-921-8993 x200

Ephesians 4:15 (NIRV) Instead, we will speak the truth in love. So we will grow up in every way to become the body of Christ..


Elaine Chin

Knox Alpha Coordinator

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