A letter from Phil & Ray

Dear Knox Church family:

Over the recent history, Knox leadership and congregation have been working and praying towards the renewal of our church’s ministry, congregation and spiritual life. In the last two years, a key focus of this renewal effort has been the need to prepare our site and facilities for the next 100 years of Christian mission and ministry.

This fall Knox Church is moving forward with a planning process for the 1st phase of our site and facilities renewal – the renovation and restoration of our church sanctuary, including work on its foundations. Much of this work is oriented towards restoration and preservation: strengthening our foundations, painting the sanctuary, repairing the plaster, assessing condition of stained glass, etc.  While we aim to preserve the historic nature of our church building, we also seek to prepare the space for contemporary worship and ministry. We invite you to read the Sanctuary Renewal Vision Paper, in which Session articulates the values framing the work on the sanctuary renewal and some thoughts on what that work may include.

In addition to the vision paper, a list of “next steps” for the sanctuary renewal planning process is presented below. A vital part of that process is hearing your input and feedback. We have planned venues for your feedback, but also encourage you to email Tom Affleck at tom@knoxtoronto.org with any ideas, suggestions or concerns that you have. As always, we invite you to join in the Renewal Prayer times, which are being scheduled regularly, and will be announced in advance in the bulletin.

As members of Knox Church, we ask you to keep the Knox Renewal in your daily prayers. We remain aware of our dependence on God’s Holy Spirit to lead,  bless, and protect us if the renewal of our Church is to be realized (John 15:4).  We are stepping out in faith, seeking and believing God for the spiritual and physical renewal of Knox Church, and we know that our concerted and collective prayers are essential. As future renewal prayer times are announced, please join together as we bathe this entire venture in prayer.

We thank you, members of Knox Church, for believing and praying with us for God’s renewal. We serve an awesome and faithful God, and it is a joy to partner together as we follow Jesus, love the city and serve the world.

On behalf of Session,

Phil Reinders, Sr. Minister

Ray Chin,  Clerk of Session

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