What Did We Just Approve?

This past Sunday, the congregation voted on a motion to pursue further study of a concept for the renewal of our facilities. A two-thirds majority was needed and a three-fourth majority approved the motion. As a result, we’ll be exploring the following: a new ministry building and green space on North side; $10 million dollar renewal of main Church building; the development of a student focused residential building on the South side. This was not a vote to put shovels in the ground, but to do further investigation to understand the realities of this concept. For more detailed information on facilities renewal please see slide deck from May 1st presentation here.
Here’s the motion:
That the Congregation approve the Knox renewal concept, as presented by Session, for the purpose of further developing the concept through the undertaking of financial feasibility studies and formally engaging interested third parties to determine the viability of the proposed elements.
[Ed: This not a final vote. We have an idea of something that could work, but need to find out whether it will actually work. We’re asking for your permission to find out this info.]
The concept includes:
  1. Development of the south side of the Knox site into student housing;
  2. Development of the north side of the Knox site into:
    • a student ministry centre; and
    • a community park/public green space; and
    • renovation of the main church building and sanctuary.
[Ed: Voting yes doesn’t mean all of these things will happen, but you’re giving us permission to check them out. To help you visualize this concept, here are some photos:]
It is understood that this motion is designed to allow for further exploration and development of this concept. It is understood that many parts of the plan remain in flux and changes should be expected to the concept, including the real estate specifics, development scope and financial arrangements.
[Ed: THINGS WILL CHANGE! Also: things will change! One more thing: things will change!]
Upon congregational approval of the concept, the concept will be further developed and explored and, in due course, the results of this further study will be presented back to the leadership of the Church and then to the congregation, for evaluation and approval prior to the implementation of any specific plan.
[Ed: This vote doesn’t mean we’re putting shovels in the ground. It means permission to create a more detailed plan, which you will also get to vote on.]
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