It’s #NationalSiblingDay, so we asked Emily to tell us how her sisters have helped her in her walk with God:

“Some people complain about being the middle child… I’ve always felt like the luckiest person in the world. I have had the privilege of living life sandwiched between two fiery, dazzling women of God who I am blessed to call my sisters (and my friends).

Katie has always been a strong leader and as we became adults together, she showed me that there is so much deep, nourishing spiritual food to be found in the intellectual truths of God’s word. She applies these truths in the most loving way; speaking advice, a word of encouragement, or guidance that is always brimming with wisdom.

Bethany has never shied away from an opportunity to be unfalteringly honest, and it is such a beautiful and refreshing gift to me. In every situation she is faced with, and every relationship she enters into, she lives and breathes the Spirit of God – carefully being both accessible to all cultures and fearlessly living counter-culturally. She is about to embark on a wild adventure that God is calling her to and in every step I find her courage staggering.

When I look into the faces of my older and younger sister, I see the Holy Spirit blazing back in unique and beautiful ways.”

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