Voices: Kia

Kia recently moved to Canada and wasted no time making Knox his home, even getting baptized on Easter Sunday. During our teaching series on the seven glittering vices, he shared about God’s redeeming work in he life:

The first sermon of the Seven Glittering Vices series on pride, which I think they call the root of all the other sins, spoke quite loudly to me. It’s most humbling when you see it in yourself. I know that in my personal journey in becoming a Christian, pride was one of the deep rooted vices that I could see—and increasingly see, it’s a process. It’s in that healing that you see how deep-rooted it is. The most deadly sins are the ones that most hidden in us and often take the form of false idols. Pride can be personified in different parts of our lives and I think that’s something for me in my former career in the financial world is many ways the epitome of pride and ego and it’s very much a celebration of profit maximization and also about self-promotion. When you’re surrounded by that environment at a younger age, it does influence you. In hindsight, that has definitely affected me personally and it’s something that I’m looking inwardly to fix. It takes time, your old habits and deep-rooted sins and often the most difficult to fix.

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