Daily Devotional: March 26


Mark 10:17-27


“The greedy are excessive in acquiring and keeping possessions even to the point of depriving others of what they deserve or need. Greed causes callousness towards those in want … justice – giving others their due – is the virtue avarice attacks.” ~ Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

“[Avarice] reveals itself in the time we spend planning what to buy and how to acquire things … it is expressed in the anxious restlessness we feel until we can acquire something, and the consumerist conviction that acquisition will quiet that feeling. Avarice does not just feed our wants, however; it tramples others’ needs. It is also behind the fantasies and desires that move us to rationalize lifestyles in which we regularly and programmatically take more than we need, or more than our share, regardless of injury to others.”~ Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung


Lord, I have heard that to whom much is given much is required. I have been given much and now desire for you to work on the other side of this beautiful invitation. Amen.

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