Daily Devotional: March 12


Mark 6:30 -34

Jude 1:12-13


“Is our desire to eat what gives us pleasure taking precedence over the good of others with whom we are eating? Is our own pleasure seeking getting in the way of enjoying being together with others at the table?”…. We can ask ourselves whether our eating habits are dedicated to serving our own pleasure or to serving our spiritual mission. Given what God has asked each of us to do and be, is our eating a daily discipline ordered to equipping ourselves to live up to that identity and carry out that mission?…..the glutton eats for himself, and his mission is to gratify his own appetites. His mission is ‘pleasure first,’ and he orders the rest of his life around that goal.” ~Rebecca Konyendyk DeYoung


Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for including me in your fellowship of your love. Refresh me today through calling that is it bigger than my own immediate needs. Give me a renewed vision of how you feed me for the sake of feeding and inviting others to your great banqueting table where your friendship and love abounds. Amen.

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