Daily Devotional: March 9


Exodus 16:13-2

Isaiah 25:6


“During several Lenten seasons, I have observed various kinds of fasts …. Each time I do this, I am delighted with the way food begins to take its proper place in my life as a good thing to be enjoyed in moderation. Each time I am also saddened at how quickly I return to my gluttonous habits. I can discipline myself for six weeks as a gift to God. Somehow I can’t bring myself to keep on giving this gift to God and to myself over the long haul.” ~ Michael Mangis


Bread of Heaven, I confess that I struggle to trust you to provide my daily needs. So often I assume that my needs are my own responsibility and I am continually tempted to take things into my own hands. Forgive me for this habit of my heart. Remind me that you love me and that my daily bread is your concern. Amen.

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