Daily Devotional: March 2

Scripture: Romans 12:1-3 and Hebrews 12:1-3


“The slothful like the comforting thought of being saved by love, of being God’s own, but balk at facing the discomfort of transformation – the slow putting to death of the old sinful nature – and the discipline it takes to sustain that transforming relationship of love over the long haul. … Sloth sabotages sanctification – the transforming power of God’s love in us. By sapping our willingness to lay down our old loves for the sake of love of God, it saps our energy for good altogether.” ~ Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

“The neglect of spiritual formation is a sin of slothfulness. Many Christians have a “just do it” mentality about their spiritual lives. “If we just get our behavior under control so we are not sinning outwardly, we have success. Then we can forget about ourselves and get to the work of saving the world.” … Sloth comes from the mistrust that God’s goodness is sufficient to make the hard work of the spiritual life bear fruit.” ~ Michael Mangis

Prayer: Jesus, my own preferences for personal change and my efforts to save others are exhausting me and so I open myself to your cross centered way of transformation. Amen.

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