Daily Devotional: Feburary 11th

Scripture: Ephesians 2:3-9

“Tragically, vainglory wins applause and approval at the price of distancing ourselves from others. Relationships cannot flourish when we dupe or use others – as sources of flattery, as a dully background against which we can shine, or as tools in our reputation-building program … communion with others is among vainglory’s greatest casualties.” ~ Rebecca Konyendyk

“Pride is found in the self service lane, where it pumps more and more and more hot air into an already bloated ego. It constantly seeks approval from others and yet, at the same time, doesn’t respect them.” ~ Albert Haase

“Our pride drives us to want to earn our salvation by doing enough good deeds so that the Heavenly Father will owe us eternal life.” ~ Tony Campolo

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me to depend on your strength for life and flourishing and to relinquish all desire to work in my own power. In Jesus name, amen.

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