Voices: Ian

Ian: “If you can’t help someone or you don’t know someone and it looks like they need help; like an elderly person or a young person struggling, or they have some physical disability – you just pray for them. You don’t see the results because you don’t know the person, but it’s part of the Christian way of sharing; you just speak to God and say ‘God, can you help this person’ and pray that way.

People ask us to pray. My supervisors asked ‘can you pray for me?’ And when your supervisor asks that, he sees something in you that he’s asking you to pray for. If you really work with God to try and get close to God with your actions, people can see that – you don’t really need to preach to them. They ask you ‘are you Christian?’ and I hold my tongue a bit and say ‘yeah’ and then share by my actions.

I remember when I was 15 or 14 in Trinidad, and this guy was a born again Christian. He used to stand up in the corner and pray – just hold hands and pray, these 14 year old guys. I remember that and it’s so part of me.

One guy, at around Halloween time a kid got lost. We happened to turn one way and we saw this kid by himself with no parents. So we asked him where his parents were, and when his mom came we all just stood on the corner and prayed because her son was delivered back to her safely. It is a message of praying together. His grandma was at home praying too! So you can see the power of prayer.”

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