Voices: Cheryl

Cheryl: “I have been exploring prayer through meditation for the past year, trying to find quiet in my life. I’ve never really had quiet in my life; I’ve never really sat and tried to create space to hear God instead of speaking. And it’s really hard – it’s hard with two young kids to find the time and the space. And working full time, finding space in your schedule where you can create enough time to reach quiet where your head’s not spinning constantly on life. I did really well up until the end of the summer, then I went back to work and I haven’t done as well. But I’ve practiced enough that I’ve really seen the benefit of quiet. I think God really does speak to you; sometimes when you’re walking down the street, all the time. But actual space where your brain is not spinning on a whole ton of stuff is very good is you can find it, but very hard to find.

I try and find time once during the week and once on the weekend to take half an hour of ‘don’t talk to me, don’t interrupt me, don’t knock on my door’ set a timer, and sit in quiet. I’ve seen the benefits of it enough to want to continue it – once my kids are in high school, maybe it will be easy, maybe not. But with our schedule it’s hard. With everything in life, the practicality is tricky even when you know how important it is.”

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