Voices: Eric

Eric: “I’ve been doing theology for about three months; I’m just starting. I think the main reason I got into this church is [that it’s] very close to the University. I don’t have a car, and I don’t know anywhere when I first arrived. I asked my professor to recommend a church for me because I need a place to settle in spiritually, going forward. I studied Knox College, so I thought that would be a natural connection.

They say the theoretical minimum is 2 and a half years, but that’s not going to be possible for me. For two summers, I won’t be here. Next summer I’ll probably fly back to my home, so it will be 3 to 4 years.

I’ve got a few options [after I graduate]. The majority of my classmates already decided a more distinct oath, mostly to be a pastor. Or they’ve been serving as youth pastors right now. But for me, I have more things to ponder about. I will still keep practising and doing mentorship programs here, and maybe education here somewhere else. That will hopefully enlighten me more about what God wants for me to do.

This past year has been quite a big change for me. I’ve been working in another field all along. I got a calling, and circumstances also fit in for me to just be able to take the gut quitting my job. There’s no income for now, but I’m very confident that God is providing for me and my family. I’m alone here – my family is in Hong Kong, so that creates a challenge. But I’m blessed that God is providing so much. After quitting my job, I experienced God much more than I used to be. With more uncertainty you can feel God is doing something, and that feeling is great.”


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