Week at a glance

Welcome to January at Knox Church! Here are some of the key events happening this week:


Youth Baptism & Profession of Faith Classes
Friday Jan. 8 at 4:30 pm

A five-week profession of faith class for youth (aged 12-16) who are interested in affirming their faith or getting baptized will take place on Friday on January 8, and continue until February 5. Contact Alvin Kim (alvin@knoxtoronto.org) for more information.

Weekly events

  • Tuesday – Knox Youth Dinner & Food Bank (3 pm)
  • Wednesday – Men’s BasketballĀ (4:30 pm), Women’s Badminton (6 pm)
  • Friday – Sr. High Young and Free (7 pm)
  • Saturday – Men’s Prayer Breakfast (9 am)

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