Voices: Sabrina

Sabrina: “This year is a real gift. Last year we were in the States right before Christmas and my aunt was supposed to come back with us, but she got really sick and was actually diagnosed with cancer at Christmas. She always spends Christmas with us, so that was awful and ruined all of our plans and everyone was really worried about her. But in a year, she has beaten it about 100%, and she’ll be here on the 23rd of December to celebrate with us, so I think that’s the best Christmas gift ever.

A lot of different things happened in 2015 and some of them weren’t so great. With my aunt, I’ve seen God do some amazing stuff and she’s all better, so there’s just a lot of excitement and hope for 2016 to see what else He’s going to do, because I’m sure it’s going to be something awesome.”

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