Voices: Brittany

Brittany: “I was really excited, in the past year I got a really cool job opportunity that I have now: I’m doing an internship with the Ontario legislature and learning a lot about politics. I get to be non-partisan; I’m doing opposition right now and I’ll do government in February. It’s really awesome – I didn’t have an opportunity to do PoliSci and stuff in my undergraduate degree. I loved my undergraduate degree, it was great, but it’s really cool to have this opportunity I never thought I would get. I have the opportunity to travel a lot and meet really cool people who I never thought I would ever meet. We met the Minister of Science at the UK High Commissioners house this week. Anyway, it’s been pretty cool. God’s provided me with that. And it’s something I never thought I would get, so it’s humbling to get it, and it’s just been really exciting and awesome.

I like when my family can be all together for Christmas. That’s always good, when everyone is a good mood. Every Christmas my family does carols with my grandpa – my Gigi, we call him – and I always really like that. I mean good presents though too – my mom always gives the best presents. Everything she gives me is like something that I didn’t think that I needed, but I just needed. She gave me a bunch of cardigans, and I needed cardigans, so now I have all the cardigans! It was perfect for work.”

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