Week at a glance

As we the Advent season continues, here are some of the key events happening at Knox this week:


Advent Vespers
Wednesday at 7:30 PM

Through song, scripture, meditation and intercession, we’ll consider the ripe tension of the season: that the promised Saviour of the world has come, and yet there is still so much darkness in the world; that the heavenly kingdom Christ proclaimed truly now exists, but not yet in its fullness.

Organ Recital
Wednesday at 12:00 PM

A special, lunchtime recital happening in the Knox sanctuary.

Children’s Service
Sunday at 11:00 AM

The children of Knox will help present a special service for both worshipping communities at 11am. (There will be no 5pm service.)


Every week:

  • ESL on Monday nights
  • Knox Youth Dinner and Food Bank on Tuesday nights
  • Young Adult Love Feasts (6pm on Fridays at 646 Spadina Ave)

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