Voices: Mano

Mano: “My wife was very sick; since last Christmas, she was in the hospital. She was there for two months. I came to the church to let them know she was in the hospital. The prayer group prayed for her every day. Staff came down to pray for her. She was on the verge of going, and because of so much prayers she’s back to where she is today. She was in a wheelchair for four months, she was in a walker, now she’s walking freely. She’s doing very well now, by the grace of God she is back. Not to normal, but she is doing a lot better than then. Prayers have a lot to do with it. God up there, He’s the one that looks after us and we have to thank Him every day. Every morning we get up, thanking Him that we’re still alive and can move around. God was good to us. She can walk around, we can be happy.
A lot of young people grow up and leave the church or get busy with work, they start thinking differently. I was a young person once, I know, I’ve been there. When things work out fine for you, it’s the Almighty helping you, showing you the way, which is the way it should be done. The more you believe in Him, the more He will provide for you.
A lot of people today think we just get up in the morning, do what you got to do, go to work, come back home, eat, watch TV, but it doesn’t work like that. When you get up in the morning, the first thing you have to do, regardless of how you’re doing, is to thank God for this day. You’re blessed to be healthy and wake up and go to work and come back home, and He protects you on the way. On the highways and byways, wherever you go he protects you. If you don’t believe in him, He still loves you.”


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