Voices: Dennis and Rose

Dennis: I came from a Hindu family. We were 13 of us, including my parents. I was the only Christian in my family. Where I grew up, right across our street in Guyana, was a Christian church. Shantigar Presbyterian church. I grew up, age of 8, going to that church. We used to sing and do everything. My mother used to come to church, and sometimes she said “all is one God.” And I said “I don’t believe all is one God, because if all is one God, the first commandment tells you there should be no other god before Me.” So God knows there are other gods that people serve. Look when Moses came down the mountain, they were worshipping that golden calf. He knows people serve other gods. That’s what I believe. Believe in the God that created you. The God that spoke to Moses, Noah, Jacob.

Rose: My whole family is Hindu, and I pray for them. My niece was a strong Hindu, and she prayed and today she found God. One day, she was so sick, and she was screaming in pain. I said to call upon God, Jesus. She prayed and prayed, and today, she is a Christian. She talked to Jesus and gave her life to Him. I don’t go and tell people not to do this or that; Hindu, Muslim, or whoever. I pray for them and say “God, open their heart, bring them closer to you that they may see the glory.” You talk to them, and it works! It may take time, but you have to have patience with people. With prayer, everything is possible.

Dennis: You know Abraham Lincoln once said, “We have been blessed with the richest bounties of heaven, but we fail to pray, we are too ashamed to pray to the God who created us.” That’s what happened to America; America needs God back. We all need Him, all countries do.

Rose: Sometimes we get knocked down. We get knocked down many times, but you know what? Get up, dust yourself, and stand again. When you get knocked down, don’t simply whine, no! Get up! Pray! God knows what happened to us and what we want, but you have to communicate with Him.

Dennis: Success comes with failure. The wright brothers, they failed many times. Maybe the plane comes down as soon as they put it up. But they keep going; the vision. And man without the vision shall perish.

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