Voices: Ezath

This post is part of a new series featuring testimonies from the people of this community:

Ezath: “When I was supposed to be deported to Iran, I gave up on myself. I said “enough is enough,” and I asked the Lord “Whatever you like, whatever you want to do in my life, I’m ready for that.” Even if it’s execution or torture, whatever. I gave up on myself, but Jesus didn’t give up on me. In the last minutes, I realized it was Jesus’ hands. I didn’t ask anybody to help me, but help came from nowhere. But that wasn’t nowhere; that was Jesus. The Lord is great.

For me, from the beginning of my faith journey, at every minute I realize that the Lord is watching me as He promised. He was walking and he is walking with me all the time. I can’t explain it, sometimes you can’t explain your feelings just with words. That’s my experience in faith. I’m not strong; I practice every single day. But that’s the grace of the Lord that’s merciful. Even if we don’t deserve that.

The first thing in Christianity I realized was the forgiveness and grace of the Lord, because I didn’t have this experience in my old religion. I said “Wow, the Lord should be like this.” Forgiveness, that’s the most important thing for human beings because we’re not that strong; we’re all sinners. Nobody can say “I never made a mistake.” Sometimes we make huge mistakes, sometimes small, but it doesn’t matter. As long as we believe in the Lord and believe he forgives us. What can be better than this? If you have this gift in your life, you don’t need nothing. I lost almost everything in my life: My job, my money, my family, my friends. But it’s nothing compared to the thing I get. For everything you get you have to pay the price. I paid the price, but the price was nothing. Imagine if you paid a penny for a million dollars.

For me, it’s like this: Find the truth. If you can touch it, touch the truth.”

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