Multicultural Thanksgiving Fest

Lois Kascandi has long been involved in running, supporting, and enriching lots of things that go on at children’s ministries at Knox. Today we’re highlighting one of those things: a beautiful afternoon she hosted earlier in October called Multicultural Thanksgiving: A Cooking Class for Families

In lieu of apple picking this year, Lois was asked to use her relationship and culinary skills to organize this multi-cultural festivity on October 3rd. She went to the local Jewish Community Centre to learn how to make Challah bread, which proved a very fruitful endeavor. She learned about how Challah bread is often baked at the new year and can symbolize the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, and the process of choosing what we want to let go of from the year past. There, she also met Ruth who offered to bake with the kids on October 3rd.

Lois said she “was worried about how this was going to happen. I could see the work involved. I prayed about it, I was talking to people, built relationships and asked them, ‘would they do this?’ They didn’t want to be paid and were happy to be a part of it.”

October 3rd at 2:00 PM came, and about 40 people attended the event. There was a “passport” that explained all the different places they would be travelling that day. Ruth made Challah, Lois’ neighbor Gabriella, who is Romanian, made stuffed grape leaves. Her son made the Hungarian Goulash soup. Tokuko made Japanese Inari sushi. Lilac, who Lois also met during her time at the JCC, offered to make Chinese fried noodles. Lois made some Canadian Apple and Pumpkin Pie.

This slideshow was put together by Lois with photos taken by Daniel Fu

The initial plan for the afternoon was for all those generous volunteers to do a demonstration of preparing their dish, then have everything take some of each one home. What ended up happening was that the food smelled so good, that it was served right then and there, with people enjoying the food all together; a great picture of community. There was almost nothing left over when the day was done.

“[Lois] put in a LOT of hard work and everyone had a fantastic time! I had a lot of fun working with the kids [and] meeting wonderful people! Thank you so much for inviting me to help out!” -Lilac (Volunteer)

Cover photo by haRee (

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