Throwback Thursday: 1910

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday! Today we have a pair of images; a beautiful sketch and a fascinating picture. These images are from 1910 – over 100 years ago! It’s easy to pass over a date quickly without really thinking about how different the world was then compared to how it is now. In 1910, the Model T had just begun production, the Ottoman Empire still existed, the first commercial air flight was still a few years away, and the Summer Olympics had just taken place in London for the first time. And yet the same building still stands on the corner of Spadina and Harbord! It’s truly amazing to be a steadfast part of a growing, changing neighborhood.

Church sketching 1910

This next image is a picture from the view from Knox, looking Southeast. You can even see the lake past the condo-less downtown!

View from roof of Knox Church, Spadina Avenue and Harbord Street. - 1910Stay tuned next week for a special, pre-remembrance day version of Throwback Thursday!

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