Your Work, God’s Way: Second Half Recap

After enjoying a delicious assortment of Chinese buns, attendees of Your Work, God’s Way came back to the sanctuary to hear Jamie Taylor speak.

Jamie Taylor talked about how he had found the word “door” mentioned 39 times in the New Testament, and four of those mentions were in regards to the life and work of the Apostle Paul. These doors painted a picture of what it means to carry out God’s mission. There was the door of compelling vision (2 Corinthians 2:12), the door of confirming transformation (1 Corinthians 16:9), the door of confident proclamation (Colossians 4: 2-4), and the door of cross-cultural extension (Acts 14:26-27). Jamie Taylor finished by telling the story of a young woman who had committed her life to mission work, and he presented something she lived by to everyone here: There is nothing too precious for my Jesus.

Jon Fuller then told the story of Daisy and her lifelong commitment to following God in missions. She and her husband were obedient missionaries for God, and also senders of others. She was Jon’s grandmother.

There was then a time to reflect on the following questions: Where are you called? To mobilize, to welcome, to learn, to go, to pray, or to send? Is there something God wants you to do starting this day and going forward? As people quietly prayed and listened, volunteers handed out buttons. There were six different buttons, each with symbols representing the six ways you can get involved in mission. It’s a way to commit to living out God’s mission as well as a way to have people ask you what the button and that story is all about.

The day finished off with another beautiful time of worship.

Thanks to all those who came out!


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