Your Work, God’s Way: First Half Recap

Your Work God’s Way started at 1pm this afternoon, but even before it began there was an exciting buzz at Knox. This free, non-ticketed event featuring three excellent speakers had a great first half; here some highlights.

After a welcome from Phil Reinders, the pastor at Knox, Jon Fuller, the National director of OMF Canada, gave another welcome on behalf of OMF.

The first speaker of the day was Patrick Fung, who is the General Director of OMF International, and the Bible Expositor at Urbana15. He gave a small biography about his introducing to mission; how God challenged him to realize that God loved all people, not just the Chinese people. He and his wife went to Pakistan, where his wife became a gynecologist to be able to serve Muslim women.


Patrick Fung

Dr. Fung’s topic of the day was the Biblical Basis of Global Mission. He used Matthew 28: 18 – 20 as an anchor to his talk about what the purpose of God’s mission is and how that is based in His character. He also discussed how we fit into that mission and how we must be holistic in our approach to mission (whether that mission takes place across the globe or in downtown Toronto), and how we must learn to live on others’ terms. Dr. Fung also brought up Angela Merkel’s promise to allow one million refugees into Germany, and the example of those volunteering in refugee centres to support those refugees.

After another worship set, Jon Fuller spoke briefly about the impact of Knox on missions, and the legacy left by a group of missionaries from nearly two hundred years ago.


Jon Fuller

Jon Fuller than introduced Dr. Minho Song, who is the Senior Pastor of Young Nak Presbyterian Church, who spoke about how integral missionaries from Toronto have been in the burgeoning Christian faith in Korea. He talked about the lives and impact of Jonathan Goforth, James Gale, and -Oliver Avison, and how Toronto still has an important role to play in global missions.


Minho Song

After Dr. Song spoke, there was time for everyone to gather and talk about ways in which God has already been moving in missions, and for people to explore opportunities to participate. There were tables organized into the following sections: Go, Learn, Mobilize, Pray, Send, and Welcome. All ways for people to get involved in God’s ongoing mission in the world. There was time to hear stories from people who have had missional experiences, and to speak with representatives from a number of missions organizations.


You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter as the afternoon continues. We’re looking forward to hearing Jamie Taylor speak next!


Some more information on the three speakers from today’s event can be found at


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