More Sacred Suppers: Communion at Knox

Last year, Session spent several months discussing the practice of the sacrament of Communion (or Lord’s Supper or Eucharist) at Knox Church. Communion is one of two sacraments celebrated in the Christian church (in the Protestant tradition). Baptism is the once for all sacrament of initiation into God’s family, while Communion is an ongoing sacrament of remembrance, spiritual nourishment and anticipation.

These sacraments are God’s gifts to the church. They are visible signs and seals of the death and resurrection of Jesus, “visible expressions of the Gospel given as means of entering and sustaining the Christian Life” (Living Faith 7.5.1). The God who “created all things, visible and invisible,” who took on our real humanity in Jesus Christ, is the one who institutes the sacraments, embodied and material practices that celebrate and mysteriously, but actually, convey to us God’s grace. By our use of them the Holy Spirit more fully declares and seals the promises of the gospel to us
Session made the decision to increase the frequency of Communion celebrations at Knox, welcoming all who look to Jesus to the Lord’s Table, including children (under the guidance and consent of their parents). The Communion meal is given to nourish our faith, a powerful practice for rooting disciples in the way of Jesus and enjoying this means of grace. The Reformers consistently demanded more frequent Communion celebration, with Calvin calling for weekly Communion so that the “sacred supper” be “set before believers every time they meet together” so that “like hungry men, should flock to such a bounteous repast.”

Beginning in October, the 11 AM service will now celebrate Communion monthly, on the first Sunday, and the 5 PM service will increase Communion celebrations to twice per month, on the first and third Sundays.
Pastor Phil Reinders will lead a teaching evening on the theology and practice of the sacrament of Communion on Wednesday September 30 at 7:30 p.m.

Cover photo by Kurt Clark.

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