Perfect Love

By Sam Mudiappahpillai.
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.—1John 4:18

These words from John, the long-lived and beloved disciple of Jesus, have been actively chiseling my heart for a number of years now. These words are extremely compelling to me when I think of what I want to find in God. And I believe that the beauty of God in Jesus Christ is just what these words describe: in God’s love, we have no need to fear. Even when fear exists, fear is not a threat. When I grow up, I’d like to be a woman who embodies the reality of this verse. I would also love to see Knox, this community of Jesus followers we claim to be, embody this together.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the years about what this would take and what us young adult portion of the community can contribute to making perfect love a reality. A couple things have come to mind as I’ve considered and prayed about the plan for our year together. First, I think it will take courage. Courage to me is this thing, this trait that stands in the middle of fear and chaos and change and says: I am not afraid; within me is a power that conquers and drives out fear. There is a peace and patience in courage as well. There can also be confident, action of strength.

Secondly, to make this perfect love, I think we’ll need to take that courage, ask bold question, and make space to seek the answers together, with our neighbours, and ultimately with God.

It’s September now. This sweet month is a time of great beginnings.
Are you up for joining me in a year of pursuing perfect love? A year of courage? A year of bold questions and open conversations with our maker and with each other?

There’s a lot of change around us this year at Knox, across the world, and maybe in your world. My hope and prayer is that you’d be up for sticking together through it, and like Jesus, sticking in it for the redemption and renewal of every square centimetre of the world.

Let us be shaped by #perfectlove.

(some ways to join in are below)

Ways for the Young Adults in our community to be together: a short list.

  • Friday Love Feasts – Start Friday, September 18 @ 6pm; Knox House/646 Spadina Ave
  • Adopt-a-student
  • Retreat! October 2-4
  • Conversation Communities
  • Josiah Venture 2016
  • Urbana, December 2015
  • And Worship and Serve with the whole community

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