Back to the Future

Feels like the Future happened a long time ago. You don’t get to say that everyday.
But it’s a great time to revisit that wonderful day of discernment. For one, we’ve got a new report out about The Future. So if you weren’t able to make it out to that renewal day, you can read all the nitty gritty details there and check out these 5 take-aways:



Knox’s got talent.

Just like The Shift, it was great to worship together as one church and one congregation. We were led by some wonderfully talented worship leaders: Rachel Pipher, Michelle de Koning, Sue Schaafsma, Steve Gleason, Jordan Pipher, and Brandon Davis. The act seeking renewal is an act of worship: an act of surrender, an act of obedience, an act of praise, and an act of faith. We were led through songs that aptly reminded us of this.



People have been doing their homework.

We were presented with 5 concept sketches of what could be possible on the Knox property. Rob Daleigh, Tom Affleck and Kevin Pasma all emphasized that these are not plans, that no decisions have been made and that these ideas are in the process of being developed. They are fluid. But these concepts weren’t doodles on a napkin—it was obvious that a lot of consultation and thought had got into them: work on the financial consequences of different concepts were laid out, there’s been conversations with potential partners, and there’s also been consultations with architects and the city. That’s impressive when you consider that the renewal process only began in earnest in January 2014.



People at Knox listen intently.

When we called it an interactive workshop, we weren’t kidding. It was a pretty intense day—lots of brainstorming, discerning and listening was demanded of The Future participants. But people rose to the occasion, as evidenced by these shots of Knox congregants listening with care and purpose.



“You guys are crazy!

That’s what our facilitator, Rob, exclaimed half-way through the group presentations about the ministry initiatives they were most excited by. Knox congregants surprised Rob, and maybe each other, with infectious enthusiasm, creativity and, well, a unique quirkiness. It was amazing to the see such a big turnout of people on a Saturday in June and to witness a complete lack of apathy in the room. It was a hopeful sign that God is leading this whole process.



There’s hard work ahead.

“It’s fun to dream,” Tom pointed out as the workshop drew to a close, “but hard work lies ahead.” As the discernment process continues, some dreams will need to be surrendered. And moving from a dream to a reality is going to take some grit. We’re a church that gotten used to making plans, but we’re a little rusty on implimenting them. This will be a growing experience! This is less of a warning and more of a challenge, a throwing down of the gauntlet. Judging by the mood in the room during The Future, there’s deep faith that God is in charge and doing a good work here.
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