Blog & Reader Internship

Happy summer everyone! My name is Jordan, and I’m excited to share that I’m the new Blog & Reader Intern at Knox! It’s pretty clear that God is doing some big things in our midst, and I count it as a big blessing to be able to take on this little new role that gets to be a tiny part of those big things. You may be asking a few obvious questions, such as…”Who are you, Jordan?” and “What will a Blog & Reader Intern be up to for the year?” Let me help you out.

You may already know or recognize me, actually. I’ve been attending Knox since I moved back to Toronto after I finished university, which was in the fall of 2012. I got married just over a year ago, and during the school year I also work at George Brown College. In 2013 an 2014 I also had the privilege of directing Knox Camp (check out the Knox Camps site here!). I moved on from there last fall and camp keeps getting bigger and better; it’s one of the areas of Knox I look forward to seeing grow and develop as it continues to impact lives.

Another area of Knox that I feel similarly about is this one right here; our blog and reader.  Our church is full of so many amazing people with diverse talents and fascinating and important stories. At its core, this new role is about making those stories heard, and facilitating a spirit of joy, creativity, and collaboration during this truly exciting time at Knox. More practically, this role is about coordinating and curating the activity here on the blog and in our reader. The hope and vision is to help create and then support a dynamic team of creative people from our church who lead the charge in developing and seeking out all the content for our blog and reader, with the hope that it’s shared with every member of Knox. We want this part of our communications to be in the hands of the people who attend our church, and we want to really foster collaboration as part of that process.

For me, I’m looking forward to diving into this new role and seeing what comes out the other side. It feels a bit like embarking on a bit of an exploration expedition: You know there are interesting, varied, maybe unexpected things out there, but no matter what you can’t wait to tell everyone what you see and hear. Mostly I’m looking forward to learning more about the gifts and perspectives of people at Knox, and seeing those things in action; expressed in new and thoughtful ways. So I hope you’re prepared for this new exciting chapter for communications here at Knox! I will be in the Blog & Reader internship for the next year, and if you ever have any questions or feedback, feel free to send me an email at


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